Pocket Eating Spoons


All hand carved to similar design but with their own unique characteristics. This tried and tested design results in a compact but functional spoon that is a joy to use and easily stowed in a pocket, bag or lunchbox.

Dimension are approximately 140mm x 40 mm. (5.5" x 1.5")

These spoons are carved with a preference towards right or left handed users by way of a slight angle on the leading edge of the bowl, please choose a spoon that suits your preference. I am able to neutralise this feature, if requested, by squaring up the leading edge before shipping.

The current batch are carved from Hawthorn or Willow, and decorated with stained or painted chip carving details, prices vary according to the complexity of the designs.

Eating spoons are my favourite to carve and one of my specialities, I enjoy the challenge of producing the clean quality tooled finish required to make a good eating spoon a pleasure to use. If you haven't tried eating with a wooden spoon yet why not start now.

Finished with raw linseed oil, hand washing is recommended.

You can see me finishing off and adding some detail to one of these spoons in the video below.

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