Spoon Scorp Honing Kit

Spoon Scorp Honing Kit


This kit is designed to hone the inside bevel of your spoon scorp but can also be used for more traditional hook/hollowing knives too.

Included in the kit is a ceramic rod with slip on leather strop which has been wet formed and hand stitched to fit the rod and a selection of wet or dry papers 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 grit plus a small block of finest honing compound to load the strop.

All the papers have been pre-rolled so they can be easily wrapped around the ceramic rod and secured in place with two 'o'rings supplied (these are already loaded onto the rod at near the handle).

I would recommend cutting the paper so that it wraps around the rod once with a slight overlap, this will reduce the chance of compressing too many layers of the paper which could lead to rounding your edge.

For best results maintain contact and even pressure on the polished 'tram lines' visible on the inner bevel of your spoon scorp.

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