Spoon Scorp


The Spoon Scorp is a carving tool that I have been using and developing over the past seven years. 

This is the most versatile spoon carving tool on the market today. It features a looped blade, hand forged by Nic Westermann, honed by myself and set in an ergonomic, faceted hardwood handle. Each tool is supplied honed and ready to carve with a protective wooden box to cover the blade.

Standard - Current batch is handled in hand carved English Elm with matching blade box.

Deluxe -  This limited edition version features a stacked timber handle and laminated blade box with hand braided lime bark cordage lanyard attaching the retaining peg. Current models feature a stunning timber combination of Yew, Walnut and Elm burr.

The blade is formed with an internal diameter of 25mm with a shallow sweep back to the tang. The hollow forged inner bevel means that keeping the tool sharp can be achieved relatively easily whilst maintaining the correct bevel angle. The convexed outer bevel allows the blade to turn smoothly through a hollowing cut.

This tool replaces the need for independent left and right handed spoon knives, all of the spoons I carve are roughed out and finished using a spoon scorp. The blade has a finely honed cutting edge set up primarily for working in green wood, finishing cuts can be made after seasoning but roughing out in seasoned hard wood is not advised.

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Deluxe model video tour.... 

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