Spoon Scorp XL


The larger version of the spoon scorp, again featuring a hand forged blade set in an ergonomic faceted hardwood handle. Each tool is hand made, individually tested and supplied ready to carve with a protective pine blade box. 

Current batch are handled with Walnut.

The blade is formed with an internal diameter of 38mm with a shallow sweep back to the tang. I fit a longer handle on this model to allow for two handed use on secured workpieces and I often use this version in the workshop for roughing out the bowl of spoon blanks that can be secured in a vice. 

This tool is ideally suited to spoon bowls from eating spoon size upwards, the shallow swept section of the blade makes it perfect for finishing eating spoon bowls to achieve a smooth comfortable mouth feel. 

You must be over 18 years of age to purchase this product.

Quantities are limited so please only purchase one tool per order, bulk orders maybe refunded and re-stocked at my discretion.

Images displayed are for illustration purposes only, your tool will have a unique appearance as no two pieces of timber are identical. Pictured in hand and with standard version for scale.



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